Top 3 celebrities with high net worth

It won`t be surprising to say that celebrities are high earning personalities who use their talent and appealing power to attract masses towards them. Their talent in their respective fields bestows them the power to reach out to people and hence they secure huge bucks in their bank accounts. But this is not a journey or success of an overnight work. Having workedtheir hearts out and burning every midnight oil these people have been able to climb on to the ladder of success. You can check a list of them at

Top 3 celebs with high net worths

  1. Hamila Rashid Jackson- she is an Afghanistan based businesswoman who is also a television personality. She has a net worth of almost 1 million dollars. She is married to Jermaine Jackson whom she met at Starbucks in the year 2004. Jermaine is a successful solo artist.  Hamila on the other hand, comes from a well-established Afghan family where she was also associated with some philanthropic organizations which were committed for paving way for education of women in Afghanistan and Gambia.
  2. Gary Owens- next in the list comes garyowens whose net worth is also extremely high with approximately 1 million dollar net. Gary is highly known for the baritone in his voice and he is seen in number of tv shows where he has shown his skills. Initially in the year 1968-1973 in the show Roman and Martin`s laugh, he worked as an announcer.  Gary`s show earned many accolades all around the world. he even went on to pen his biography with his friend and historian Jeff Lenburg titled as “how to make million dollars with your voice”.
  3. Beyonce and Jay-Z- the couple is known to be one of the most powerful and richest couples in America with a combined net worth of almost 1 billion. The duo`s “togetherness” has even surpassed the likes of David/Victoria Beckham and Tom/Gisele. In the year 2013, the couple`s got a combined net total of 95 million from the record sales, tours and merchandise endorsement.  Jay`s solo concerts also gross up to 1 million of dollars per night.


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On this Earth people from all over the globe have some ambition in their life. But the game of money is very different from all types of ambition.  Everyone on this planet likes to become rich. But it is not possible because making wealth is not an easy job.  There are people that have set example of earning net worth that is more than one million. These people are said to the celebrities. They are said to be very popular and reputed people in the society. These celebrities are from different fields like sports, business, movies, music, chef, novelist and many more fields that you have celebrities.

In order to know the history and the net worth of these popular celebrities then you are having Here you are getting all the information. You can logon to this site from any place. There are people that have made themselves rich and the best example that you have is the Bill Gates. He is the person that is having the name on the top of all the richest people of the world. He was not a talented or intelligent student. But he had one ambition that he set the example to the world. He is having only one source and that is Microsoft Company. He is having net worth of 40 billion dollars.

Another good example of popular celebrity is Alexia Figueredo Echevarria. She is working as executive editor of Venue Magazine. The net worth of Alexia is 30 million dollars. All these information of famous celebrities like Johnson the famous basketball player is having net worth of 15 million dollars, you have rap singer that is having net worth of 20 million dollars. All these celebrities have their different story about their life and you can see their records and all other information about these people from http://celebritynetworth wiki. Here you are getting the information of all the celebrities and if you like to get information of richest people that were in 70’s, 80’s, 90’s then it is very much available on this site. This is the place that is providing right type of information of all the millionaires.



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