Graphene is nothing but an allotrope made of carbon which consists of the one layer thick hexagonal lattice with one atom at the each vertex.  The graphene is the basic structural element of other allotropies of carbons like charcoal, graphite, etc. It is one of the strongest metals found on the earth which is two hundred times stronger than the steel. This metal does posse the unusual properties such as the high strength, conducts the heat energy and the electricity very efficiently and appears transparent.  Graphene has large and non linear diamagnetism which is higher than the graphite. This article will be much more helpful for you to hike the knowledge about the graphene and its uses.

Uses the graphene:

In these decades, the graphene is used for storing the hydrogen for the fuel cell powered vehicles.  Even used on the medical sensors to diagnose the disease. It has a unique property with which it attracts certain molecules which are sensitive to those disease. They are also used in inert coating as they are not responsive for the acids and alkalis. Also used on the ultra capacitor that offers the better performances than the batteries.  Other than that, there are many more advantages and uses found on using the graphene.  You can buy graphene on the markets.

 Graphene on online markets:

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